Our internet connections are provided by Telitec, these are some of the services offered:


FIBRE 300:
Fibre optic technology to deliver super-fast broadband speeds of up to 300Mb which lets you do so much more online so much more faster . This means there’s no more battling for bandwidth, even in the busiest home or office.

This is a high speed wireless internet connection. With our own Infrastructure this service transmits the 4G wireless service with unlimited packages via an antenna that is installed on your property.

If you do not have a landline in Spain, cannot get ADSL or are not happy with your current connection, then we may be able to help with our wireless internet service. With nearly 10,000 customers and ever-increasing coverage, this is a great option if you live between Murcia and Valencia.


If you are outside our wireless coverage or perhaps you already have a Telefonica / Movistar landline or ADSL service in Spain, we have some great packages available. Even if you already have ADSL with another provider, why not take a look and see what we can offer.

With downloads of up to 75Mb and uploads up to 25Mb connecting to the internet in Spain could not be faster. Simply plug in and connect; you can even take this service with you weather moving house or simply want to go to the beach and Surf!

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